From flour to feed

The Vall Companys Group started off as the Harinera La Meta flour mill, which initially produced bread flours and gradually moved into the manufacture of animal feed. The first pilot tests with livestock integration, notably pigs, took place around this time.


Livestock integration

The integrated model that characterises the Vall Companys Group was consolidated and expanded to poultry farming during this decade. This integration involved starting up complementary activities, such as logistics, and the company began its regional expansion with a feed plant in Osona.


Quality and traceability

Food safety increased and veterinary controls became more exhaustive. Our self-sufficiency in pork production was consolidated with genetic control in our own insemination centres, and in poultry production with the creation of Pondex, the Group’s first incubator.


Volume and logistics

Production process phases were scaled with our own veterinary pharmacy, the breeding of sows and hens for our pork and poultry businesses (the precursor of traceability), and new feed plants in Valencia and Valladolid. Logistics played a key role in connecting the Group across the whole of Spain.


Consolidation of the vertical model

The Group’s vertical business model reached its height with the incorporation of different slaughterhouses for pigs, poultry and cattle. Total control over all livestock production was also consolidated, from genetic testing through to the table.


Industrial and commercial specialisation

The Group continued to provide its products to both end consumers and the industrial market. We developed our activities in the area of processed foods and fresh and Duroc Iberian pork and ham, and we strengthened our structure in the area of cured meats. Total traceability from source is also being consolidated.

Today: an Agri-food Group

Today the Group is a global agri-food producer with a focus on sustainability, people and the future. Its activities range from meat production to the manufacture of all kinds of protein, and it has consolidated its production of bread flour.

A driving force
for rural Spain

The Group operates in 24 provinces across Spain and thanks to the efforts of its employees it is a key player in the country’s primary sector.

A more sustainable diet

The Group has embarked on an ambitious sustainability project that encompasses all its business areas and is centred on ethics, people, animals and the environment.

Back to our DNA: innovation and the circular economy

We have started and maintain reuse projects that affect both our own and third-party industries of all kinds, including pharmaceuticals and energy, and we continue to invest in technology and innovation throughout the value chain.