We drive innovation in the agri-food industry. Every day we make the very most of the latest technologies and invest in R&D&I to continue improving our efficiency, quality and safety. In addition, we have our own specialised teams that provide us with the specific tools to interconnect every one of our operational areas: maximising synergies between companies and optimising our value chain.

Our companies

Nuestras empresas

Experts in developing the sector

We integrate new technologies in the everyday processes of our business. Our specialist teams articulate and interconnect all the companies and operational areas in the Group. We also anticipate the future by studying and implementing digital marketing, Big Data and AI strategies; and promoting safer and more efficient management systems for our companies.

Systems development



We implement high-tech, digital and innovative tools to ensure that our day-to-day business operations are safer, more efficient, and more productive. Our systems division is responsible for implementing cutting-edge developments throughout our structure, laying the foundations for coordinating and uniting the different Group operations and facilitating traceability.

We increase our potential with the use of new technologies, which are present throughout our entire value chain. With the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, we generate statistical patterns, anticipate possible incidents, and optimise and automate processes, increasing our capacity, flexibility and efficiency.

We have specific systems in place for the daily management of the company. Through the use of adapted or personalised platforms, we facilitate the operation of each company in all its management areas. Thanks to an expert team and the rollout of solutions, the Vall Companys Group has the capacity to undertake all the essential tasks of our daily business activities digitally and automatically.

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