We are committed to healthy food. That’s why we guarantee the highest standards of traceability, quality and safety in each and every one of our products. Thanks to our fully integrated production structure and high capacity, we can guarantee a multi-product catalogue with total assurance: varied, flexible, and meeting the needs and requirements of every market and sector.

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We reach every market and sector with the utmost professionalism. With our personalised service and flexible catalogue, we respond to the needs of every business with practical, high quality solutions. In addition, thanks to the strategic location of our logistics centres, we cover the whole of Spain with the utmost reliability.




We deliver a full range of multi-meat products in every type of format, endorsed by traceability from source.
Our production capacity allows us to adapt to the size of every business, shipping our products around the Iberian Peninsula by means of a regular, efficient and reliable delivery service. We also offer the sector a broad range of brands, both our own and those we represent exclusively. In addition we have the ability to create private label brands, guaranteeing the maximum personalisation and the option of building a retail range from scratch.

We cover the full range of meat products in multiple versatile formats.
Our fully integrated value chain ensures the utmost traceability of all our products, thus guaranteeing a product commensurate with market needs and requirements. Aware of the importance of trust in the traditional market, the Vall Companys Group offers an efficient logistics structure and a personalised service: we know every customer, and we strive to provide a flexible catalogue that meets the specific characteristics of their business.

The HoReCa sector requires a specialised catalogue that meets the very highest standards of food quality and safety.
We are very much aware of this at the Vall Companys Group, which is why we pay meticulous attention to every detail of our comprehensive meat range. We offer hotels and restaurants a wide range of meat products in practical, versatile formats, which meet the day-to-day demands of professional kitchens and preserve all the quality of the product.

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