For a Christmas full of magical moments

The streets filled with lights, the joy of untying a bow, seeing the first float of the parade... Christmas is a time full of very special moments, but few compare to the magic that is created when you sit around the table with your loved ones.

All of us at the Vall Companys Group wish you the best for this holiday season, and we renew our commitment to a healthier diet, so that you can continue to fill your days with magical moments.

A special touch to your every day moments

Each day has something in common with the rest: the kitchen and the moments we share there. They are small but very special moments, and the Vall Companys Group wants to help you enjoy them to the fullest.

Here is a selection of the recipes we've created from our best meats and flours, to help you add a special touch to those small daily banquets.

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Recipe booklet