Research, Development and Innovation

Development of a tool for detecting myopathies and defects in chicken carcasses, and reducing their incidence through production strategies (DetRed-myopathies). Analysis of technological tools to detect myopathies and defects in chicken carcass and reduce their incidence. AVICOSAN 117,048 Co-financed by DACC (Generalitat de Catalunya) and EAFRD 56 21 005 2021 3a 2022-2024 Catalonia
GO ATENEAA: Application of insect protein (Tenebrio molitor) for animal feed and frass for organic agriculture. Broadening of existing knowledge about the nutritional potential of Tenebrio molitor meal in pigs. VALL COMPANYS 60,000 Co-financed by DACC (Generalitat de Catalunya) and EAFRD 56 22 047 2021 5c 2022-2024 Catalonia
ELECTROBIOSAFE - Development of a new, more efficient system for cleaning and disinfecting livestock trucks using reclaimed water and new sustainable products. Development of a new cleaning and disinfection system for livestock trucks, using reclaimed water and new sustainable products. PATEL 56,940 Co-financed by DACC (Generalitat de Catalunya) and EAFRD 56 24 043 2021 5C 2022-2024 Catalonia
New strategies for the reduction of carbon footprint in pork breeding. To design and evaluate fattening fodder with fewer carbon footprint. VALL COMPANYS 393,387.50 Mincotur, cofounding with Next Generation Funds IDI-040000-2021-24 2021-2023 Catalonia
REDaPORC Digital Platform for comparative evaluation of antibiotic consumption level in pork farms. To accelerate process of antibiotic reduction in Spanish pork breeding. VALL COMPANYS 32,463 MAPA cofounding with FEADER and AGE O00000226e2000044952 2021-2023 Catalonia
Development of strategies to reduce defects in sliced cured ham - BESTSLICES. To develop advanced tools for quality control of sliced cured ham, which enables a reduction of the incidence of defects in packets of sliced ham. CLC 504,308 CDTI IDI-20210914 2020-2022 Aragon
Study of ham myosystems and their impact on the homogeneity of the final product - MIOCURING. To study the technological behaviour of the main muscle masses that make up ham (or myosystems) throughout the curing process and its effect on the final product, enabling improvement of the curing process, both from the point of view of process efficiency and the quality of the final product. Jamcal 728,977 CDTI IDI-20210750 2021-2023 Aragon
Market technology based on membranes for the reduction of ammonia in livestock farms - LIFE GREEN AMMONIA. To develop a membrane system for ammonia reduction on farms. Agrocesa 451,773 LIFE programme LIFE20 ENV/ES/000858 2021-2025 Castile-León
Strategies for a higher level of welfare in pig production - WELFARE+. To develop new nutritional and management strategies to achieve a level higher than current animal welfare standards during intensive pig production. Vall Companys 717,997 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20210216 2020-2022 Catalonia
Technological tools to control pig feed consumption - HETECONSUM. To develop new technological and nutritional tools that enable control of pig feed consumption during fattening. Agrocesa 637,909 CDTI IDI-20201260 2020-2022 Castile-León
Strategies to extend the shelf life of fresh pork, from the slaughterhouse to the marketing channel - EXVIPORC. To increase the current useful life of various pork products and provide the company with the necessary tools to increase its competitiveness in the export market. Patel 774,738 CDTI IDI-20190461 2019-2021 Catalonia
Rational and judicious use of antibiotics in pig farming. To support pilot projects and for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies. Agrocesa 203,495 Castile-León Rural Development Programme, co-financed by EAFRD 47/18/125/G02 2020-2021 Castile-León
Innovative Project Conv-2019 on the use of technologies to evaluate the state of health, well-being and productivity in cattle - GO VIGIASAN. To develop vision technologies to evaluate the state of health, well-being and productivity of pigs. Vall Companys 84,883 Co-financed by EAFRD and AGE 20190020007579 2019-2021 Catalonia
Rational and judicious use of antibiotics in pig farming. To support the creation and operations of economic interest group (AIE) Task Forces on agricultural productivity and sustainability. Agrocesa 19,800 Castile-León Rural Development Programme, co-financed by EAFRD VA/16/0077/G01 2018 Castile-León
Design of perinatal strategies to minimise the impact of transport from the incubator on the quality of broiler chicken - ESTRANSIN. To develop perinatal management and nutritional strategies to minimise the mortality and weight loss of 1-day-old chicks during transport from the incubator, and to analyse their impact on the production parameters of fattening and carcass quality. Avícola de Galicia 617,409 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20180910 2018-2020 Galicia
Design of condition-based programming models to improve the transformation of white pig carcasses - OPTICARCASS. To design models based on programming through restrictions that allow, using computer applications, optimisation in the planning of the transformation and marketing of white pig carcasses. Cegeco 426,172 CDTI IDI-20180374 2018-2019 Catalonia
Identification and reduction of sources of variation in the continuous kneading of biscuit doughs - TOIDERED. To study the impact of different cereal sources and milling conditions on the technological properties of biscuit doughs. La Palentina 116,269 Castile-León Rural Development Programme, co-financed by EAFRD 34/16/016/C01 2018-2020 Castile-León
Smart and profitable modernisation of Catalan farms RIS3CAT - COTPA - SMARTFARM. To modernise Catalan livestock farming competitively and sustainably through precision feeding, control of environmental pollutants, homogenisation of animals, early identification of diseases and integrated data management that improves decision-making. Vall Companys 476,764 Fondos FEDER COMRDDi16-1-0032-02 2017-2020 Catalonia
New strategies for the control of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus RIS3CAT - COTPA - REGEVA. To reduce the use of antibiotics in animals because the selection of more resistant animals will imply reducing the incidence of bacterial diseases secondary to the viral infection by the PRRSV virus in pigs. This will enable PRRSV to be controlled and, eventually, eliminated with a combination of genetic improvement and protection by vaccines. This project will achieve an improvement in meat production and an increase in the economy of Catalonia. Vall Companys 161,815 ERDF funds COMRDDi16-1-0035-01 2017-2020 Catalonia
Research on new eubiotic solutions for the therapeutic treatment of swine dysentery and meningitis - NEWEUBIOTICS. To provide the basis of understanding for the conquest of new eubiotic solutions for the therapeutic treatment of meningitis caused by Streptococcus suis and swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira hyodysenteriae. Mevet 811,846 CDTI IDI-20180044 2017-2019 Catalonia
Design of medium-chain fatty acid monoglycerides to control swine viral enteric disease complexes - MONOACID. To design new pig feeding systems based on substantial modifications of diet nutritional profile and on the addition of medium-chain fatty acid monoglycerides to control pathologies of the porcine enteric complex. Vall Companys 762,757 CDTI IDI-20180098 2017-2019 Catalonia
Modulation of the gene expression that regulates fat infiltration through nutrition - NUTRAMIN. To improve the fatty infiltration of pork by modulating the gene expression associated with fattening capacity through nutrition. Agrocesa 867,697 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20170417 2017-2019 Castile-León
Technological monitoring of farms and nutritional strategies in early growth stages to improve the quality of broiler carcasses - EARLYGROWTH. To determine the impact of environmental factors, handling and nutrition in the early stages of growth on the percentage of secondary carcasses in broiler chickens. Avícola de Galicia 779,558 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20170225 2017-2018 Galicia
Development of a new process of stabilising microorganisms in the production of bakery products - DESMIPAN. To develop a new industrially scalable process to obtain a stable dehydrated sourdough (or pre-ferment) with ideal characteristics and microbial load to obtain bakery products of high organoleptic value. La Meta 535,036 CDTI IDI-20160230 2016-2017 Catalonia
Precision livestock farming in terms of the consumption of nutrients in pig fattening and its impact on the environment and carcass quality - SMARTFARMING. To improve productive efficiency in the pig fattening phase through the application of precision feeding and the study and correction of factors that increase variability. Vall Companys 854,680 CDTI IDI-20160069 2015-2018 Catalonia
Recovery of yeasts for poultry feeding - VALEVAL. To develop a process for recovering yeasts from the brewing and bakery industries for feeding laying hens and chickens. Avigal 485,299 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF ITC-20151041 2015-2017 Galicia
Conservation procedures for pre-fermented liquids and analysis of the impact of their use on reducing baking improvement agents - MASPAN. To develop new liquid pre-ferments that enable a reduction in the use of improvers in the preparation of bread and improve its sensory quality. La Meta 411,885 CDTI IDI-20141363 2014-2016 Catalonia
New automated process for measuring pH levels in hams - ROBOTPH. To establish an automated system that allows the measurement of pH as a basis for determining the quality of meat according to market requirements. Patel 701,605 CDTI IDI-20141140 2014-2016 Catalonia
Automated control of feed stock in farm silos by telemonitoring - AUTOSIL. To develop an automated feed stock control system in pig farm silos through real-time monitoring. Cegeco 501,352 CDTI IDI-20120225 2011-2013 Catalonia
Improved sanitation and improved health of poultry products - MEJORAVE- To understand the prevalence of the two microorganisms that cause the main zoonosis diseases: campylobacter and salmonella on farms and in processing centres, as well as the incidence of Clostridium perfringens on farms with enteric-type health problems, for the development of control measures in regard to biosafety (including the development of a specific vaccine), nutrition, and handling both on farms and in slaughterhouses. Avigal 804,325 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20110832 2011-2013 Galicia
Mevet 800,185 CDTI IDI-20110833 Catalonia
Milsa 719,236 CDTI IDI-20110834 Catalonia
Use of enzymes to improve the technological properties of bakery flours - BONPA. To create the knowledge to develop new bakery products based on enzymatically modified wheat that allow expanding the origins of the raw material used for this purpose. La Meta 531,408 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-2011680 2010-2012 Catalonia
Development of new applications for feeding monogastric animals with raw materials derived from the biofuel industry - BIOFEED To develop new knowledge on the use of alternative raw materials in animal feed derived from the biofuel industry. Vall Companys 1,259,425 CDTI IDI-20100470 2010-2011 Catalonia
An environmentally friendly pig feeding programme, adapted to different genetic lines, that respects animal welfare - EUREKA-ECOPOR. To design and implement a comprehensive programme of action on the main causes of environmental damage generated by the pig farms that form part of the company. Vall Companys 1,486,185 CDTI with a Eureka label IDI-20090710 (EU 4925 Ecopor) 2008-2011 Catalonia
Multidisciplinary strategies to achieve pork products that meet consumer demands - PROCADECO. To study the prevalence of salmonella on pig farms and assess of the different strategies for controlling it. Agrocesa 1,603,716 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20090381 2009-2011 Castile-León
To study salmonella contamination in the abattoir and cutting room and evaluate the different strategies for controlling this pathogen. Cárnicas Frivall 1,165,020 Co-funded by CDTI and ERDF IDI-20090380 Castille-La Mancha