Meat Industry

The Group's poultry division, which has four abattoirs distributed around the territory and five processing plants, has an annual production capacity of over 115,000 tonnes of poultry. All Vall Companys' poultry facilities have the most advanced hygiene and food safety systems and specialized operations for specific clients.

The range of poultry products offered by the different brands in the group include fresh, frozen, flash-frozen, and processed chicken, turkey and other species.

Product Lines and Main Brands
Whole Chicken
Cut for packaging in trays
Flow Pack
Processed products
Poultry Production and animal feed

Group’s poultry production begins in Pondex, a company that, with its integration of breeding hens, produces the hatching eggs needed for a one day production of chicks.

Eggs are incubated in the plant located in Juneda (Lleida). This hatchery is staffed by a qualified team and is equipped with modern systems to manage the production of a high quality chicken. Annually about 65 million animals are produced.